BlemishFX Healing Cream

Guaranteed healing results you can see in as little as 8 hours!

Introducing BlemishFX! The 1-Step Blemish Solution - America's #1 Only Blemish Treatment System. 

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Let me ask you..

  • Are you uncomfortable because of acne blemishes? 
  • Are you embarrassed to go out in public? 
  • Are you fed up with trying to clear up your complexion?
  • Are you tired of buying acne products that don't work?
  • Are you ready to clear your blemishes?

If so, then you just discovered exactly what you need! 

BlemishFX is an FDA approved, non-prescription, fragrance free, topical skin cream. It's a spot treatment for the skin to speed healing to your blemishes.


If you're like me and thousands, if not millions of others that have spent years using OXY pads/wash with damaging Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin Asalicylic acid and countless other medication stuff only to find out it doesn't work at keeping you acne blemish free, then you need to try what we developed.

We are not a large corporation with millions of dollars in testing and advertising, but we do offer the same satisfaction policy and have a better product that we can offer, it's up to you to make the right choice. Do you want to line the corporations pockets with your hard earned money for the same thing that everyone else uses? (Benzoyl Peroxide - which we know doesn't work) or are you ready to do something different and see results? If you keep doing the same thing your going to get the same results. If you liked the results you have received so far, you would NOT be reading this right now. So since your not happy with your results, continue reading, or click here.

Nothing ever worked fast at clearing up the after effects of a face full of blemishes until this Brand New non-prescription cream was produced. Over the many years of different medications, creams, ointments, pills and prescriptions that have been tested, none of them worked nowhere as fast and as well as BlemishFX. We can guarantee you wont find anything better than this at healing those blemishes fast. You really only have one choice to clear your blemishes fast, and that's BlemishFX.

BlemishFX is an FDA approved OTC (over the counter) topical cream that WORKS just about overnight! Many people have seen great results in as little as 8 hours. This Miracle cream is used to clear up the aftereffects of a pimple. Once you realize you have a pimple forming, get ready to heal it! When the pimple has shown itself, and if you attempt to pop it or "fix" it, put a small dab on the broken pimple and relax as it starts to heal. Popping a pimple wont help it heal faster, it only makes it worse. That's where this product comes in, if you have a broken pimple or cut, BlemishFX will start to heal the skin right away.

How BlemishFX works:

  • Fibroblasts (cells that are capable of forming skin and other tissue) gather at the site of injury and begin to produce collagen, which will eventually fill in the wound under the scab and create new capillaries to bring oxygen-rich blood to the skin to speed healing.

Typical Blemish healing starts in 2.5 to 3 days. In non medical terms, BlemishFX moves the healing properties of the Fibroblasts to day one so your blemish starts to heal as soon as the cream gets applied. This allows you to heal days faster than without BlemishFX.


Using our BlemishFX Healing Cream will heal your blemishes/skin days faster than you've ever seen any product do. PERIOD! And we back that up with our 30 day Guarantee. 


One of our packages with a 1/4 ounce of BlemishFX healing cream is enough to last a long time when you just need to use a dab, and a dab is all you need.  It's works so well that doctors recommend using this particular cream in tiny amounts. It's concentrated, so you don't need a lot.

What once took 5-8 days waiting for a blemish/pimple/zit to heal, now takes less than half of that time. Now you can wait days for the pimple to go away by not picking at it or you can "fix" it and then treat it with BlemishFX and watch it heal in hours. We all know we try to help it along, but trying to help it always makes it worse.


This topical cream is made for the skin, you don't need a prescription, you wont go broke buying it every month and you only need to use less than a dab on your broken pimple to start clearing it up overnight. After you spot treat your skin, you'll no longer worry if your pimple that you tried to get rid of last night by popping it will embarrass you in the morning when you go out in public.

BlemishFX has been tested for over 10 years on healing acne blemishes. Now that we have perfected our Healing Cream formula, you now have your chance to finally clear away your blemishes FASTER! Click the "BUY NOW" button to make your purchase. Don't wait! Get on the road to healing your blemishes fast!!


We'd like to thank you for your order. Every order helps keep food on a plate someone needs.

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